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FY open (vertical): possible line of defence?

Posted by nand on December 17, 2009

This is one of those really tricky lines for both players. No idea which player to name it after–HRF likes it but I’m not sure if it’s his originally. I have not got a surefire defence against it but can usually make life difficult for violet. Here’s the start of one line I’m working on:

1. F – X / 2. Y – N / 3. T5 – P / 4. N ….. I vaguely recall that for move 3, violet L5 to close the centre (H8rrru) is bad, but it’s not obviously bad, so I’d better actually go & prove that another time…

Obvious next move for orange is Y or L5 (I think Y) off the X — haven’t decided what’s the best orientation yet. In general, it’s vitally important for orange to play through the hole the moment he gets the chance — it’s too soon this turn, but I would recommend it on the next turn no matter what. The trick is to avoid messing up the nice 1-2 leak off the top of orange P by letting violet block both leaks simultaneously.


One Response to “FY open (vertical): possible line of defence?”

  1. Gerenuk said

    I agree that 3. L(H8rrru) is probably bad.

    The only suggestion I’d have for violet in the line here is to
    1. on move 4 make any move that allows to reach corner 4 of the X. With this P the only option other than N would be L.
    (I suggest to enumerating corners row-wise. This simplifies move notation if there is no grid. Corner 4 of X is the top corner of the two to the far right)
    2. block center on move 5

    Maybe one can defend the 1-2-leak by placing U on move 4?

    Maybe one can ignore the middle leak and block N with V on move 3. This would allow to continue with N which wastes more of oranges space, but thats a completely different line.

    Maybe leave the trouble with the easy orange block on move 4 and the leak (i.e. block center that move) and instead secure the bottom left and fight an open game on top.

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