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XF Yasu, preliminary proposals

Posted by nand on December 17, 2009

Sorry for the nonposting here lately… I always tend to be a feast-or-famine blogger anyway, & it’s been a weird last few months with the new job. I’ve also been gradually thinking more about the game, though it’s hard to be too systematic. Gradually I’m learning that it’s really nearly impossible to “solve” ANY opening, even the weakest…. there are simply too many possibilities. I think there are 2 types of players — the ones who try to keep to the “known” & the ones who welcome the “unknown”. I wish I were more of the latter type of player — great instances would be Toutatis and Kolub68 (neither of whom seem to be on the site anymore, alas), & often Bobby_Bob too. Nowadays lerpyfirth (previously known for the repetitive use of the infamous XF Lerpyfirth opening) is of this type: to some extent it can be just a sign of someone bored with “the normal game” (or someone who specializes in 5-minute games), but it can also in the right hands be a powerful “ice-axe to break the frozen sea” of standard play.

But I’m not usually that type of player — I tend to stick to familiar openings & try to thoroughly understand them & judge them by optimal play. Anyway, it’s served me in good stead… as well as leading to a few disasters.

Anyway, I wanted to get back to the infamous FW opening, in part because I think my posting below is wrong. But in the meantime, I think I’ll start trying to put more useful info on this site.

So, XF Yasu. I’ve been thinking harder about this one lately. It’s a fave of mid-level players, but it’s rather weaker than XF Rubik in my view. Nonetheless, it can be tricky, & I have not come across an airtight orange response. Here are two of the more usual defence formations. In my view, these are flawed, but will — with good play, which I’ll try to flesh out in future posts — get you a close game or a win versus anything less than top-notch violet play.

Orange has an unblockable left side, and is threatening I5(D7u) on left or some variety of block on the right (usually T5 or L5 — I’ll let you figure out the orientation). I usually use this one — despite its flaws — simply because newbies and even midlevel players have no idea how to handle it as violet.

This may be better, though:

This gives you the option of I5, I4, N or something else on the left, depending on what violet plays on the right (assuming he DOES play on the right). I’m less familiar with this line & look forward to exploring it.


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Studies in XF Yasu #1

Posted by nand on June 5, 2009

This is another XF opening (again, named after a player who developed it) that’s effective but a little weaker (in my experience) than the Rubik XF. Here’s one good line for orange — not a guarantee of a win but a guarantee of a tough game for violet. It is the handiwork of Bobby_Bob.

In my view violet N is a mistake. Probably blocking the orange Y is best for move 3 (with L5, usually).

In my view violet N is a mistake. Probably blocking the orange Y is best for move 3 (with L5, usually).

The key here is that there is no single move by violet that will block the attack off orange W. So orange is free to block on the next turn if violet continues circling off the Z5.

Best tactics for violet, I think, are blocking orange W with L5, which forces orange to loop L5 around the top of it in return; then violet has a golden opportunity to kill all violet’s corners in top left & forge ahead with an attack on the top side of the board.

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